[tweetmeme source=”carl_robinson”]About a month ago I was having one of those Facebook conversations. You know the sort I mean, the ones that go on and on in the comments area.

This one was about the iPad – it had recently been announced by Mr Jobs and I had been musing on whether to get one or wait.

Someone – I forget who, and can’t be bothered to check, made the point that Apple relies on early adopters to shape the product and then release a slightly better version about a year later. Take iPhone v.1 (or whatever it was called – just iPhone, I think) and iPhone 3G (or 3Gs if you prefer).

So the sensible consensus is wait. Hang on. Don’t rush in.

And then I thought about it a bit more and my response was:

… it looks great so iWant. But, we all know Apple will rely on early adopters to finesse it, which means that a newer, nicer version is bound to come out in 2011. So, iWait. But then I realise iDon’tWannaWait and the circle starts again with iWant. It’s a real bugger.

I couldn’t really shift from that position. The so-called ‘sensible’ part of my brain said wait, the other part said go for it.

Finally, after listening to others say ‘go on, get one’ (‘so that I can see what it’s like before I think about buying one‘ – is the bit they leave out) I came to my decision…

I want an iPad. Just do. Don’t care what you say.

Fantastic. Decision made. Saliva glands flowing in anticipation. Avid reading online (studiously writing off any bad reviews). Excitement mounting.

And then a growing annoyance with the Apple UK webpage which kept saying the iPad is ‘coming late April’. It’s mid-April already, so when can we start pre-ordering? How much is it gonna cost? WHEN, I SAY AGAIN, WHEN IS IT COMING?

Today. Finally, we have a date for pre-ordering. May 10th.

Hang on. Wait. Shut up. May 10th? MAY? 10th? MAY??

It gets worse. The actual iPad will be here at the end of May. Let me say that again with full stops, bold and a touch of italicizing so you get a sense of my frustration:

The. End. Of. May.

So, clearly, thanks to Apple, or thanks to too many Americans buying these things (not sure why that’s a problem, really). I have no choice. I can’t be an early adopter.

In the end, iHaveToWait.

And iHateIt.


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