For the last 15 minutes Facebook was down. This caused a flurry of activity all across Twitter, but more disturbing (given my last post), was my own reaction.

I felt that my lunchtime was slightly marred by not being able to surf the activities of my FaceFriends. I was actually slightly sweaty with the possible loss of this part of my life – albeit for a minute. Kelly and I often communicate with each other via FB and since she’s abroad at the moment I wanted to check to see if she’d left me a message (we sort of ‘met‘ on Facebook, you see, it’s become a habit). I was, in a mildly English sort of way, distraught. Politely. With a biscuit.

So, am I addicted then? I think I might be.

Do I need to see a counsellor? Well, only if I can get one online.

If you suffer from FaceAddiction, then perhaps we should get together to share our experiences. Perhaps we could even set up a Facebook page….ah. Er. No.


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