Stationery addiction

I am somewhat surprised at how much I have written about addiction on this blog. But it’s true – I have an addictive personality. I’d like to think that people are addicted to me, but I fear that the truth is that people are busy trying to give me up.

I’m in the States at the moment – you can read more about my time here over on my Project 365 blog (see up top). And I have been (along with Kelly) dying to get to Office Max for a couple of days.

Now this isn’t pathological. I think. It’s the strange conflict between being a digital sort of geek while at the same time just liking the action of filing, writing with pens and really good pads!

I blame GTD for this. David Allen, you have a lot to answer for.

There are thousands, probably hundreds of thousands, of sites that are dedicated to the various online and offline tools you can use to ‘do GTD’. Hard as I try, I cannot seem to settle on either digital or analogue.

I use Omnifocus (in three forms) to be digital about my GTD, but I love having my new Fisher Space Pen and a small notepad for the capture phase. I like to use iMindMap for brainstorming digitally, but enjoy sitting in a cafe and jotting things down in my notepad. I read stuff on my iPad (books, articles) but love the feeling of a book in my hands, turning the pages.

And this mix of digital and analogue approaches means that office stationery stores are a massive attraction. M.A.S.S.I.V.E. They  have tools and stuff for both sides of my GTDness. It’s a highly pleasurable experience.

I was talking this over with Kelly, and it turns out that perhaps David Allen is not to blame. We both showed signs of stationery addiction pre-GTD days. We agree that the tendency was there a looong time before we read David’s book.

And, as addictions go, it’s harmless. Unless you touch my pen…


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