Digital frustration

No, I am not talking about being unable to use my finger to do something interesting.

What I am talking about is the expectation I have, nearly all the time, that I can do what I want to do in this connected world. I have written elsewhere about the panic I have felt when Facebook went down (for 15 minutes, for god’s sake!) and the palpitations I suffered at not being able to find wifi access whilst on holiday.

Clearly I am a digital native, but this means when I am taken away from my native habitat (digital options) I flounder.

So imagine my frustration when I was trying to check-in online this morning for a flight out of the US back to the UK. I say this morning but I started last night – over 12 hours ago – to check in.

What’s the only reason to check-in online? Go on, have a guess… That’s right, to be able to choose your seats (we all try for bulkheads, exit seats etc, don’t we?). Last night I saw two seats I wanted  – 30F and 30G – right-hand side of the plane, just me and Kelly together with noone else bothering us.

Click here to select seats. *Click*. Selection not made. Click here to select seats. *Click*. Selection not made. Click here to select seats. *Click*. Selection not made. Frickin’ CLICK, CLICK AND BLOODY CLICK. DAMN YOU!

This morning 30F and 30G had gone. So someone was able to use the online service. A quick phone call to Delta and they told me the same. Thanks, I can see that. Want to be connected to our online help desk? No I bloody don’t.

So, in a digital age I EXPECT it to work. And I HATE it when it doesn’t. What does that make me?

A freak or just a 21 century citizen?

And which do I prefer to be?


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