eLearning and Digital Cultures – I’m in!

It’s been a long time since I blogged anything: I would cite pressure at work and blah blah, but I think procrastination is the real answer.

And not having the right topic to focus on.

Today I started a course on Coursera – eLearning and Digital Cultures. My aim? To exercise the grey cells, but also to apply some academic thinking to the area I work in. And simply, because it’s interesting: it’s the kind of thing I go on about a lot. All the time.

  • How social networks are changing the way we view the world and think
  • How technology and education are affecting one another
  • The way the big tech companies (and the smaller ones) are getting into the, ahem, ‘education space’

And so on.

So I am looking forward to this course: to think, discuss and learn about digital cultures with a variety of people across the world (we’ll be collaborating online in all sorts of places); then consider education and elearning in the new digital cultures. Fascinating. And weeks 1 & 2 are about Utopias and Dystopias (Utopiae? Dystopiae?) – who could ask for more.

But, of course, the really interesting thing – and for someone who works in digital education, possibly shaming – this is the first time I’ll have taken a course online for real. That’ll be the real learning: how do I change as a result of this experiment.

Watch this space.


And I leave you with a quote from the introduction to the course which resonates with me:

… digital culture shapes not only our online experiences and interactions, but also bleeds into offline life, because it so powerfully affects institutions, practices of information creation and sharing, and patterns of communication.



3 thoughts on “eLearning and Digital Cultures – I’m in!

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