About Carl

Hello there! Thanks for dropping by.

This is my first proper attempt at blogging, and I hope you like what you read here. It’s a blog that has a number of recurring themes, but will sometimes just be on shiny things. You can read more about this in my first post Magpie Mind, and why I’ve called it Ooh! A piece o’candy!

Please leave comments, I’ll try to answer them all.

A little bit about me

I’m an ELT publisher working in the UK. That’s my job.

I like publishing a lot, and particularly like the challenges it presents to me on an almost daily basis. I work – and enjoy working – in the digital sphere of publishing.

Outside work, I like to read, mess about with gadgets and geeky things, slump in front of a good movie or an episode of Doctor Who. My guilt complex is telling me to join the gym, but I’m winning the fight…so far.

This blog is a sort of experiment, or just a bit of narcissism. Time will tell.


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