Bringers of Dystopia | Bendito Machine III

Thanks to ‘flu (or a really bad cold depending on who you talk to) I’ve been unable to get my head around the materials for the Digital Cultures course I am taking on Coursera (see last post). But today, despite fuzziness, I delved in and started looking at the media that’s been posted. This video is on the first module about Utopian and Dystopian views of technology and what they are saying about the impact on our culture. Continue reading


eLearning and Digital Cultures – I’m in!

It’s been a long time since I blogged anything: I would cite pressure at work and blah blah, but I think procrastination is the real answer.

And not having the right topic to focus on.

Today I started a course on Coursera – eLearning and Digital Cultures. Continue reading

Dear Airlines, let me read…

An open letter to all airlines

Dear Airlines,

Why are you discriminating against me on your flights?

I am a minimalist, paper-shunning reader. As a result, I have helped stop trees being felled and therefore – however slightly – have positively impacted the environment. By carrying my Kindle, I reduce the weight on planes and size of my baggage compared to other readers who by the oversized ‘3 for 2’s at the airport before boarding (I’d imagine the low-cost airlines would like that!).

In short, I don’t get in the way. All I want to do is read but you won’t let me. Continue reading